Does anyone have any recommendations on affordable HDMI monitors that can be both landscape and portrait mode?

@garrett Often your OS can change the mode for you. If so, it becomes a function of your monitor stand.

I'm running Linux Mint with the non-free nVidia drivers and I can specify monitor rotation. I believe in Windows, if you install the drivers from your GPU manufacturer (nVidia and ATI at least) they typically come with tools that will let you change rotation.

The stands for my Dell UltraSharp 2000W monitors will rotate into portrait or landscape. These monitors do DVI, which is easily converted from HDMI with a simple passive adapter.

Hopefully this information gives you some ideas or starting points for further research.

@SetecAstronomy Hmm that's good to know. I'm currently looking at some moveable arm monitor mounts for my desk >:)

@garrett I can personally recommend these two:

I have both and they work great for me. Both will let you rotate the monitor into any orientation.

@SetecAstronomy Thanks, I'll check them out. Def in my price range.

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