I have a question: when I type in my site URL manually,, it automatically loads the http version instead of https. Why is that, and how do I fix it? Thank you in advance for your help.

It's just the historic default that browsers use. I believe redirect statements plus HSTS are all we can really do for now. You'll still get the initial http request, but with hsts the browser will default to https next time no matter what you type.

@nobody Thanks; I’ll look into setting up HSTS this week.

@staff The best way is to do that at a server level. You have to check with your registrar/host. They should have an option to point to https by default.
Or you can also use htaccess to do a redirection : That is a server function. The server detects the incoming http connection and rather than serving the content, it will redirect to the https URL. You need to set that up at server level.

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