🌙 !! Announcement !! :sun: Show more

🌙 !! Announcement !! :sun: Show more

We’re currently at Design & Construction Week and the International Builder Show (unfortunate acronym) learning about the latest and greatest in and affordability in the home industry.

We’re happy to report that these are two priorities of many of the organizations involved in this industry.

Hi. I'm Sylvia. I'm currently working as an Illustrator, Concept Artist and Co-Designer on our indie game. I love to create colorful, psychedelic art and to do commissions...oh yes, and I also love to paint animals. 🐧 #VisibleWomen #art #illustration #mastoart

@sungo If we had a time machine we would add that to our list of to-do’s.

Of course panels are still very important to the cause. The newer ones are getting smaller and more powerful.

This is a reality unfolding this year. Get excited.

A lot of the left talk about the importance of but I just want to remind y’all that there is _so much more_ to sustainability than just panels.

Proper insulation in houses and other buildings is extremely important to reducing energy use.

In the building industry we’ve been cutting back on the term “sustainability” and instead using the term .

Hey my music is *free* and *creative commons (share alike)* at ApproachingUtopia.com/music and I would really appreciate if you could check it out.

So far people have donated $30 to my music this year and I am very grateful for that.

@beatmage @carlesjove
❝The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it.❞
— Steven Pressfield, in his great book "Do the Work"

@beatmage Or as Picasso said: when inspiration comes, let it find me working.

Production Tip: layer up your samples for a unique sound.


I don't sit down in the beat laboratory because inspiration approached me like a familiar and sat down on my shoulder.

I sit down in the beat laboratory to concoct an alchemical mixture of sounds that becomes music.

You can't just _wait_ for inspiration to strike you.

You _have_ to sit down and find inspiration.

Also if you’re into related to , , anti-, anti- you should follow me.

I will be writing a lot more about that stuff.

And also if I have more followers I feel like that will help.

Cuz like “look at me! Hire me because people follow me and like my writing!” Something like that.

Approaching Utopia Newsletter 1.3 is now out!

Automattic and want to save !

This issue includes:
* Announcing
* Brutalist
* I am, and always have been, a .

Check it out:

We will be moving our music off of Bandcamp, too, for a while. We might come back.

We’re looking at alternative delivery methods that include stuff like remix stems, samples, and other special goodies.

Couple things:

1. All of our music is now free!


2. You are allowed to use any of our music in NON-COMMERCIAL videos, games, etc, for free, with proper attribution.

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